Should travel companies in the West outsource their operations and other processes to India? 

Did you know?

Travel industry contributes over 70% in the global e-commerce business! 

Rising disposable incomes, use of the internet, strong connection and influx of the millennials have contributed towards the growth of the travel industry.With the tremendous growth of this industry, a well-known business practice called outsourcing is gaining momentum to carry out all the major tasks of travel and tourism companies.Outsourcing is a step ahead to shed some of the pressure that pandemic has put on travel industries.

Hence, many western travel companies are outsourcing their processes to India, taking advantage of English speaking qualified agents available in Indian market.

Travel Process Outsourcing – An Overview

Outsourcing of the travel operations assists a travel agency to shift their key focus from the run-time tasks to core business tasks. This helps a travel management company to focus more on enhancing productivity and revenue streams.

India’ travel industry is booming and reports by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) suggested that the country has become the Sixth largest market in terms of travel.

Also, there are many factors that account for the reason that travel companies in the west are outsourcing their operations in India.

Qualified Manpower

In comparison to other countries, India is touted to have the largest manpower. People here are educated, with a growing middle class that is dedicated, has aspirations and new generation is focussed towards achieving their goals.Moreover, the payroll cost in India is quite low as compared to the other countries. Hence, in order to avoid the rising payroll costs by lowering your other expenses, you can consider India as an ideal destination for travel process outsourcing

Bundle of opportunities

India’s economy is flourishing even in terms of travel opportunities. With the rise in qualified personnel, growing domestic market and economy, business travel in India is on the rise. Moreover, the airline industry is also booming in India. With a pool of talent available and the time difference between most of the Western world countries makes it ideal choice to manage After Office hours support as well for travel companies based in North America or Europe.


There is a spiking rise in the number of professionals in the Indian travel market. Skilled employees in India are known for their high-performance, professionalism, productivity and work ethics.So while you are outsourcing your process and shedding off your burden to focus on your core business activity – Indian counter part will ensure that your daily processes are kept under control and deliver maximum efficiency, thereby giving boost to your overall operations.

Overall Cost Saving

Outsourcing is helpful in the overall cost saving of travel companies. In addition to the overall labour cost, you can save the cost of office infrastructure, recruitment, training and material.

While cost saving is not just one reason to consider outsourcing of your travel processes, it is certainly a compelling reason and travel companies are opting for the ways that help them in the overall cost saving in one way or another.

Final Words

For travel companies in the West, choosing to outsource their core business functions can be a strategic move to jumpstart your business, increase your bottomline and have a tighter control on overall business operations. has been helping clients in English speaking countries for few years now to travel companies bring in savings.

Though several factors may bind this decision, choosing to outsource your travel business process in a country like India will open growth opportunity gates.


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