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Give Your Customers After Office Hours Support

Customers—happy customers and repeat customers—are the bloodline of the travel industry players. A content client will recommend you to 10, whereas a dissatisfied person will speak to twenty about it!

Due to Covid’s influence on all businesses, more people are using the internet, and customers increasingly anticipate assistance or responses at all times, around the clock. Since margins in Travel Agency or Travel Management Companies (TMC) operations are not particularly high, offering After Office Hours help or Emergency Travel Desk service may be expensive for any firm. This might have a negative impact on the bottom line.

We can assist you with your need for Emergency Travel Desk Customer Support outsourcing from India or After Office Hours Customer Support service.

We employ trained travel counselors to answer these calls based on the project’s complexity and scope of work; the team in India would serve as an extension of your office. Thanks to our infrastructure, we can imitate our activities as being yours via the phone or email.

Today’s technology allows businesses to operate beyond regional boundaries. Your customers may phone your office number or send an email to your support email address and be smoothly managed by Eprimetravels for the hours you choose or around the clock.

Why You Should Outsource Your Customer Support Service

Travel and tourism companies now have new options to connect with sales leads worldwide, thanks to the globally expanding, fast-expanding enterprises that serve international clients. Every travel agency must deliver excellent services round-the-clock in such circumstances, but keeping the office open after the regular 9 to 5 shift has ended presents challenges for employers.

The travel and tourism sector deals with consumers that are very tough to force to contact within a certain window of time. Travel and tourism businesses must have an effective after-hours answering service to take calls and speak with customers whenever they feel like it.

With the help of our qualified agents who excel in their service delivery and customer support – Eprimetravels can offer after-hours support to make it possible for the travel agencies and tourism industry clients to continue operating beyond closing time. Even after they have closed for the day, we continue to help the travel companies and tour operators by helping them book hotels, flights, and itinerary changes and any other last-minute change that your client may have.

The travel and tourism industry players must answer every call, even beyond office hours, to increase the number of repeat customers and gain a competitive advantage over other service providers. If you have the resources to have your own captive team, that will cost a lot, you can always offer After Office support. But it may make prudent financial decision to outsource your Emergency Travel assistance (ETA) or After-Office-hours answering services to players in India, Philippines, Mexico or other 3rd world countries that offer this service at fraction of your cost and ensure that your brand image is maintained and fortified and provide customers an appreciable value by utilizing our cutting-edge technology, fully trained and experienced travel agents.

After Office hours support

The travel industry is very intricate, with each travel agency in the US or Europe having its own SOPs, Business model, compliances on various taxes like GST/VAT rates and so forth, and credit cards being used by clients or travel agencies to make purchases that require reconciliation at the end of the accounting period, commissions due for direct payment transactions, regular bookkeeping, and much more. We at Eprimetravels.com keep track of every dollar you make or are bound to get – thanks to our accounting services, which are part of our BPO services.

For our customers abroad, we operate with a focus on the travel industry business and with a clearly defined scope of work. For us at Eprimetravels – It’s important that client expectations are shared in a documented process, and mapping of these processes is done at Eprime with a pilot rolled out, so that its efficacy is tested.



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