How can Outsourcing Reservations help Your Hotel?

Efficient Hotel bookings and reservations are a critical area for any hotel to be able to survive and succed in a competitive industry. For various reasons, many stand alone hotels or even large chains prefer to use an otusourced reservations call center for managing reservations and visitor inquiries. The demand may result from an inability to provide 24-hour or multilingual reservation help, which can contribute to decreased visitor satisfaction and company loss. Hotel owners may feel compelled to investigate call center solutions when dealing with financial challenges or to cope with guest complaints caused by inefficient operations and subpar services.

Are you having similar issues in your hotel business? Do you believe your front desk team’s existing reservation and customer service processes might be improved or optimized? Outsourcing these labor-intensive operations can thus be advantageous to you. Aside from lowering your overhead costs, outsourcing may assist you in improving operational efficiency and the level of service provided by your in-house team. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing hotel reservations to India is worth your time, money, and effort.

Improved Service Quality

Small and medium-sized hotels, unlike major hotels, do not have a significant budget at their disposal. As a result, they frequently lack the requisite technology and infrastructure to provide 24-hour/365 bookings service. They are frequently deficient in experience, which reveals itself in imprecise preparations and rash conclusions. Add to it the expectation that front-desk workers will deliver exceptional service across the board, whether answering phones, responding to emails, handling online reservations, or greeting clients in person. Doesn’t that seem like a hefty order? Missed, delayed, and hurried calls and poor service to in-house guests are unavoidable unless the personnel is experienced and talented enough to multitask efficiently.

A bookings contact center might be an excellent answer to your front desk problems. And its advantages go beyond simply saving money or having more control over your spending with more direct bookings, pre-negotiated prices, and anticipated costs. When you outsource hotel reservations to a professional service provider like EPrime Travels, you can be confident that incoming calls from prospects will not go unanswered, no matter what time of day or day of the week. By relieving yourself of the day-to-day management of your reservations and helpdesk functions, you can concentrate on developing products and services that provide memorable experiences for your existing guests. At the same time, we at EPrime Travels work to make a good first impression on prospective customers by assisting them promptly and courteously.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Let’s be honest. With all of the activity at the front desk (read: ringing phones, urgent requests, demanding clients, guest complaints, email inquiries, and more), it might be difficult for your team to perform their additional tasks of upselling and cross-selling items and services to visitors. As a result, rather than acting proactively and proposing appropriate upgrades and alternatives on their own, front desk workers are frequently prone to reacting to client requests reactively. Given how important these possibilities may be in offering the finest experiences for your visitors, failing to take advantage of them means you risk losing your competitive edge.

A seasoned hotel reservation outsourcing business knows the impact of such actions on visitor satisfaction and your hotel’s top/bottom line. EPrime Travels employs hospitality specialists to guarantee that your clients’ expectations are addressed with the appropriate product or service. These skilled and trained reservation specialists are well-versed in the tactics for identifying and exploiting up-sell and cross-sell chances without coming off as pushy. As a result, you can be confident that none of your prospects’ needs and desires, whether explicit or implicit, will go undetected or neglected. There will also be no loss of revenue opportunities – a true win-win situation from any perspective.

Multicultural, Multi-channel, and Multilingual Support

One of the biggest reasons hotels are hesitant to use a bookings contact center is a fear of service degradation caused by variables such as cultural differences, language obstacles, and unusual accents. Not that their apprehension is completely unwarranted. In reality, such difficulties are prevalent in a multicultural and multilingual workplace, such as those in an international hotel. As a result, if cultural differences, unfamiliarity with colloquialism, and the lack of local speakers are causing communication gaps between your staff and international callers, consider it a wake-up call for hotel reservations outsourcing.

When looking for service providers to which you may outsource hotel reservations, seek one who has experience providing native multilingual help. Based on clients specific requirements, EPrime Travels can provide multilingual customer assistance in European and Asian languages thanks to over 15 years of expertise in inbound contact centers and BPO services. With their natural accents and expertise with cultural subtleties, local languages, and localized colloquial speak, its staff of native speakers is proficient at successfully overcoming communication barriers. EPrime Travels assists you in improving the visitor experience by allowing your foreign guests to speak in a language they are familiar with.

Services tailored to you and your guests

Suppose you are serious about providing excellent guest experiences. In that case, you will want to treat your visitors with the highest care and importance. And rightly so, because the quality of service you provide directly impacts your hotel’s reputation and the image of your business.

It is critical not to be seduced by the sheer size of a call center when considering outsourcing hotel reservations. A large call center will often service several clients. As a result, you and your visitors are unlikely to be its main concern, leaving less flexibility for service customization or accommodating ad hoc needs. As a result, while a big reservations contact center may appear to be a secure and appealing investment, it may not be the ideal answer for your outsourcing needs. Instead, you could be better off choosing a service provider who prioritizes your hotel company and gives it the attention it deserves. This will give you peace of mind knowing that everything it does is in the best interests of you and your visitors.


Your front desk personnel is your guests’ initial point of contact. You may enable your in-house employees to focus all of their energies on their main role of ensuring a comfortable and delightful stay for your visitors by relieving them of the monotonous chores of managing bookings and customer service. When selecting to outsource hotel bookings, it is vital to choose a service provider thoughtfully, taking into account the importance of the activity and how it affects guest relations and your hotel’s revenue.

EPrime Travels works with you to increase top-line revenue and bottom-line efficiency through cross-selling, up-selling, direct bookings, performance-based pricing models, improved procedures, and more. We never lose sight of your visitors, doing all in our power to meet their requirements, address complaints to their satisfaction, and prevent reservation cancellations. To learn more about what EPrime Travels offers as part of their hotel reservations outsourcing package, contact the team by making a request online, via phone, or by email.



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